Expiration Date Scanner - Foodless


Tired on missing out on your food expiring and ending up wasting money ? Just scan the barcode, scan the expiration date and that's it! By using this app you will be able to drastically reduce expiring food and save money.

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Our Core Features

Barcode Scanning

Just simply scan the product's barcode and edit them if needed

Expiration Date Scanning

Scan the expiration date on the product

Get Notified

You get a reminder in the morning so you have all day to consume the product and prevent food getting expired.

Create Categories

Find products easier by putting them into categories

Invite People To Groups

Team up with others so you can further reduce food waste.


See how well you are doing in food consumption and waste

Why Choose Foodless?

Expiration Date Scanner - Foodless

I made this app because I would sometimes have to throw away food that expired a day or two ago, but If only I knew that beforehand I would surely consume it in time and prevent having to waste money and food. This app helps solve this problem.

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